​​​​​​We utilize the Design Principles of Art and Architecture in the

design of parks and other project types. These principles serve

to guide our planning during the design process. Through the organization and arrangement of specific design elements we  

create composition, interest and visual impact within a design. 

​Plans are created by using a palette of design elements, which include shape, form, line, texture, space, color and its values.    


 Gallery of Parks, Recreation & Open Space Projects   

​​​​​​​​Parks, Recrea​tion

   & Open Space  

​​​​​Parks play a major role in creating an identity and a sense of place within cities

and communities. Because of this important role, our park design methodology embraces a site's cultural values, gives opportunity for social interaction, and offers safe and attractive venues for various events.

Park design and recreation/open space planning constitute a thorough analysis of each site's physical and cultural attributes, a clear understanding of projected use requirements, facility load and budget, and knowledge of the physical and psychological needs of park ushers, with 

focus on health and safety concerns and use of products and materials which are sustainable.

 Gallery of Technology, Research & Industrial Projects   

What's involved in the planning of these types of projects? 

Site and Facilities Planning for technology, research, and government facilities focuses on the  

client's development program, functional needs, budget, schedule, land use compatibility and

its use efficiency, appearance, and its relevant environmental, cultural and societal influence. 

Technology, Research, and Industrial Projects - Technology Centers, Research Campuses, Industrial & Power Production Sites, and Large-Scale Federal Facilities  

​​​We promote corporate business and government innovation, 

collaboration, and culture by designing outdoor facilities that

 facilitate the mental and physical well-being of management, 

office workers and researchers, visiting scientists, and guests.


Because people enjoy beautiful urban public spaces and parks, it is important that the design process balance the needs and demands of the community with existing natural features and elements of the site's built environment. We achieve this balance by concentrating on project sustainability, cultural/environmental compatibility, construction footprint, and our client's

program and budget. Proven design principles of contrast, balance, flow, harmony, rhythm, and movement are used in our planning to create open spaces that offer users opportunity to rest and to experience the activities and functions offered by parks and other public facilities

​​​​​​​​​​​Parks, Recreation & Open Space Projects - Parks, Recreation Areas, Urban Green Spaces, Public Access Areas, Golf Courses, Sports Fields, Streetscapes & Trails 



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