• ​​​​​​​​Residential - single and multi-family homes, estates/gardens, and planned communities

  • Commercial - offices, retail, shopping malls, lodging, resort and entertainment facilities 
  • Institutional - municipal office/service buildings, schools, churches, and healthcare sites 
  • Parks & Recreation - parks, playgrounds, golf courses, recreation and waterfront usage      
  • Open Space - plazas, squares, urban malls, streetscapes, public use and green corridors            
  • Technology & Industrial - research parks/technology campuses and industrial facilities 
  • Government - power production and reservoir properties, and large-scale Federal sites   
  • Environment - design with nature by use of  ecological and sustainable design practices 


As Landscape Architects, we integrate aspects and elements from many other professions, including the fine arts, earth sciences, architecture, urban design, horticulture, behavioral psychology, civil engineering, environmental and sustainable planning, and construction. Whatever may be the size, type, or scope of your project, or whatever your design criteria may be, Morello & Associates will responsibly plan your site and design all proposed site features based on your needs and objectives. Our Design/Build process effectively streamlines the delivery of the project, saves time and money, and transfers the relationship between designers and builders into an alliance that fosters efficiency and collaboration. 

We analyze each of the site's physical features and cultural attributes, opportunities for its

best development and preservation, and any limiting factors. We document the pedestrian circulation and vehicular patterns, noise levels, prevailing wind directions, sun orientation, 
vegetation, any views/vistas, slopes, drainage, natural areas and wetlands to be protected.  



What is Landscape Architecture?
​It's a very comprehensive profession, consisting of the art and science of analysis, planning, design, rehabilitation, preservation, construction, and the sustainability of project features  

and functions for the best utilization of the site and for the well-being of people using the site.

Creatively-applied landscape architectural design principles deliver great benefits for our clients, such as this busy resort.


  • Consultation to discuss client objectives, budget, and schedule 
  • Analysis of natural features and built components on the site
  • Identification of opportunities & any limiting factors to design    
  • Brain-storming of programming & design criteria for projects
  • Conceptual visualization in the first phase of planning process   
  • Master planning to lock-in existing and proposed site features     
  • Preliminary design to explore design schemes for site features
  • Design development to refine schemes & produces final design 
  • Construction documents for layout & building of new features  
  • Environmental compliance addresses the construction impact       
  • Contract administration & construction supervision of project        
  • Land use studies, project feasibility, and marketing drawings                                                                                             


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​​​Landscape Architecture + Land Planning + Site Engineering + Design/Build Services

​​​​​​    List of Our Landscape Architectural Design/Build Services: 


​​​We combine the most important principles of architectural design with our firm's:   

 - respectful approach to serving our clients' needs, desires, and expectations for the project

 - comprehensive analysis of our clients' property, documenting existing features/resources

​ - thorough knowledge of products, materials, lifestyles, innovations, and new technologies  

 - extensive understanding of how people perceive, use and enjoy well-designed landscapes

 - creative flair coupled with decades of successful project management and job completion

- delivery of design/build projects within budget & schedule and to clients total satisfaction                    

 Example of a marketing illustration depicting the potential opportunities for development.



​​​We utilize current methods for providing site analysis, master planning, conceptual design and detailed landscape design features to delineate and create unique places that are both comfortable and enjoyable, and that exceed the needs, objectives, and desires of our clients.  

Types of Landscape Architectural Design Projects


We provide the full-range of Landscape Architectural services... site analyses, feasibility studies, master plans, landscape and hardscape design drawings, construction documents, sustainable and maintenance plans, project management, and design/build services for:


Landscape Architecture...

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