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​​​Landscape Architecture + Land Planning + Site Engineering + Design/Build Services

​​​​We mesh "imagination, function, and design" to create attractive, comfortable, and memorable Landscape Architecture in Knoxville and the Southeast Region.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We preserve the site's natural features and mesh those features with elements of the built environment during the process of developing well-designed projects. The primary qualities of our attractive and unique projects are that they foster the interaction of people with the site and with other site users, they are satisfying to the human senses, and they offer positive experiences that enhance the well-being of site users.  




​​​​​​​​​Many of our clients choose to use our Design/Build Services due to the fact that Design/Build provides savings in money and in time, and efficiency in labor and material delivery. We work on projects that vary in size, type, and scope, and which range from cabins, to single-family homes, estate properties, and gardens, to residential-use  communities and mixed-use developments, to parks, recreation, urban open space, and resorts, and to commercial, institutional, technology & industrial.

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​     Morello & Associates... we provide Landscape Architectural Drawings and Design/Build Services for: 

  • Swimming pools, spas, ponds & waterfalls, and structures including gazebos, pergolas & pavilions

  • Patios, decks, courtyards, patios, terraces, outdoor kitchens, walls, steps/ramps, & raised planters  
  • Native & ornamental plantings, ornamental gardens, outdoor furnishings & other site decorations 
  • Entrance features, signage, graphics, lighting, ornamental fences, rain & roof gardens, & wetland 
  • Streetscapes, public-access plazas, open space, parks, recreation areas, playgrounds & greenways 
  • Roads, parking, sidewalks, site grading & drainage, retention/detention ponds, & erosion control    
  • Home & garden renovations, repair work for landscape & hardscape features, & site preservation   
  • Single-source Design/Build services for new development, property modifications & site additions                  


We serve as stewards in planning and shaping project sites, and in creating aesthetically-pleasing and stunning landscape features that provide opportunities to enhance the comfort and enjoyment of those experiencing these wonderfully-designed spaces, while increasing the property values. Our design methodology utilizes the principles of art and architecture, which serve to guide our planning and landscape design services toward a focused approach and a strong determination to achieve the highest level of design creativity and functionality in concept development, land use applications, site evolution and viability.

​​​​Spring is here...it's now time to design, build, grow, and enjoy the great outdoor spaces that we are ready to create for your home, business, or institution.   



                   We may be reached at our Knoxville Dandridge, TN offices: (865) 804-2160    
    ​            K​noxville Locations: 7032 Waken Lane  +  800 S. Gay St.  /   Dandridge Location: 1049 Dean Circle
    E- mail: jakemorello@att.net  /  Websites:​www.morelloassociates.com  +  www.landscapearchitectsknoxville.com